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dedicated to international luxury, beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands

La Boutique de Luxe helps iconic brands and retailers devise their e-commerce strategies, deliver innovation and change. This is achieved through Customer Experience, CRM, Digital Marketing, e-Commerce and International Distribution.
Luxury Brands Consultancy.

La_Boutique_de_Luxe_Alexandre_Meerson_E-commerce_Consultant Line

La_Boutique_de_Luxe_Alexandre_Meerson_E-commerce_Consultant Line

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International Luxury Brands

La Boutique de Luxe operates globally to support the international development of Luxury Brands and Retailers - Alexandre Meerson

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strategy in luxury

vision & plan to design Branded shopping experiences

E-Commerce is an opportunity to re-ignite the essence of Luxury and to consolidate customer relationships that have faded. The Digital world offers Luxury Houses - 'les Maisons de Luxe' - a chance to design branded experiences and to nurture product, service, exclusivity and attention to detail.
La Boutique de Luxe - marketing, retail and e-Commerce consultant for Luxury Brands.


e-commerce& cross-channel retail

growing the business of brands

We help Luxury brands break internal silos and design seamless cross-channel shopping experiences. They grow their businesses with e-Commerce - they are present and so unique that their customers invite them into their own lives.
La Boutique de Luxe is a Luxury Brands e-Commerce consultant, based in London and operating globally.


CRM& marketing

people, product and passion

Luxury Brands need CRM processes to nurture emotion and loyalty. By rigorous work and analysis, brands can proactively engage with their customers and create unique e-Commerce and cross-channel Retail experiences that surprise and delight them.
La Boutique de Luxe is specialised in CRM and Digital Marketing. Luxury Brands eCommerce consultant.


global operations& business development

the last mile - customer service, distribution & compliance

An international roll-out is a key goal for a global Brand to increase the impact of a Retail presence and to become the primary online destination in its marketplace. An e-Commerce roll-out strategy requires precise planning and the involvement of most business functions – it is greatly a matter of Resources.
La Boutique de Luxe is a Luxury Brands eCommerce consultant, we support brands with the setup of their global operations: distribution, fulfilment and operational setup. Alexandre Meerson


project delivery

the exact timing, training, discipline and attention to every detail

E-Commerce is business, and time to market is essential. So is integration and change management.
La Boutique de Luxe is a Luxury Brands e-Commerce consultant. Our consultants focus on delivery and support our clients with project and programme management as well as supplier selection, team recruitment and training. International eCommerce, logistics and distribution. Alexandre Meerson.

La Boutique de Luxe is the independent and trusted advisor of its clients - covering the identification, the selection and management of partners, suppliers (agencies, designers and implementation partners) and technology solutions (e-commerce platforms, CRM, digital analytics, e-mail and social marketing)


our work

most of our assignments are strictly confidential and are either structured in the form of retainers or of projects.

Luxury Fashion & Accessories
Beauty & Skincare
Jewellery & Watches
Multi-Brand Fashion Retail
Luxury Travel, Hotels & Spa
Publishing & Business Process
Lifestyle, Wine & Spirits

Our areas of expertise cover:

  • International cross-channel retail & ecommerce strategies;
  • Due diligence and strategic review of ecommerce business plans and operations;
  • Cross-Channel Customer experience design and commercial optimisation.
  • CRM & digital marketing - with a focus on Mobile and Social Media;
  • Delivery of strategic ecommerce programmes – PMO set-up and leadership;
  • Sales Promotions: Gift Vouchers, Cards and Mobile applications for Loyalty, Incentives and sales campaigns;
  • Management & coaching, business process re-engineering and optimisation;
  • International e-Commerce distribution, wholesale, e-commerce fulfilment & customer service.
  • La Boutique de Luxe is a Luxury Brands e-Commerce consultancy
  • the team

    consultants & managers in e-commerce and cross-channel retail in luxury, beauty, fashion & lifestyle

    Alexandre Meerson
    Founder and Managing Partner

    Alexandre is a Manager and Consultant in E-Commerce, Marketing & Cross-Channel Retail for global Luxury, Beauty & Lifestyle Brands. The founder of the Digital Luxury Brands networking group – with over 10,000 professional members internationally – he is a consultant and also an author & speaker at the world's foremost Retail, E-Commerce and Luxury Conferences.
    For the last 20+ years, he has worked on "both sides of the fence", combining 10 years in Digital Marketing agencies and E-Commerce consultancies and over 13 years in Corporate leadership roles internationally. He started his career in his family's Luxury Watches and Jewellery business - Emerich Meerson - where he managed a profitable network of concept stores in major cities and retail concessions in luxury and department stores internationally.
    At LVMH and then EURO-RSCG he explored the then nascent power of Interactive Communications. One of the pioneers of e-Commerce and CRM, he went on to build some of the first Web Design, Digital Publishing and Marketing Consultancies in the 90's - Angie Interactive, Alaska - and worked for leading Brands and Retailers. Alexandre has since 2000 worked around the globe for blue-chip companies. He settled down in the UK in 2005, and later founded LA BOUTIQUE DE LUXE to independently help Luxury, Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Brands build their Direct Sales and E-Commerce businesses. Today, his unique blend of experiences on behalf of prestigious Luxury & Lifestyle Brands places him in a strong position to share his expertise in the fields that underpin successful Luxury cross-channel retail, e-Commerce and business transformation.
    La Boutique de Luxe has developed a professional network of consultants and experts in all the disciplines of e-Commerce and Retail - we can call on experts covering e-Commerce Trading, Merchandising, Content creation, Analytics, Design and Technology. Over the years, by Passion and through our projects, we have grown a significant experience in the markets of Luxury watches, Fashion and Accessories, as well as Wines and Spirits.